We have been helping clients to design information systems and applications to transform their businesses. We focus on three main areas:


Our company culture, our consultants and IT architects give us a global vision of your challenges. But we're not afraid to get our hands dirty - in fact we love it and we believe that IT is fundamentally a craft carried out by artisans who are masters of the techniques in their particular field.
We don't separate our consultancy work from our production work. We need developers who are able to have a holistic approach and be objective and consultants who thoroughly understand the technology.


We are a community founded on sharing and exchange, both among ourselves, with our clients and even with our competitors. This comes as a surprise to our clients and our new employees. No other company in the market takes sharing to such a level.
The topics we address are complex and innovative and therefore require effective collaboration between people from a multitude of skills backgrounds.


We believe the key to being able to work well with others is trust. Be it within the HELIX community or with our clients, our only way of working is on a basis of trust. You deserve that and so do we.
There are many IT service companies on the market. We are reassuringly expensive. Excellence is what makes us tick.

HELIX TECHNOLOGY GROUP is a global IT consulting, management and strategy company

We have been helping clients to design information systems and applications to transform their businesses. We focus on three main areas:



Understanding business challenges

Since its creation, Helix has continually grown in a disciplined manner in order to guarantee the skill growth of the consultants we integrate. We now have more than 30 employees.

At Helix, we strive to offer our clients a range of both technological and sectoral expertise that is second to none.

Our common goal is to develop complete and unique digital transformation services for the African market.

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We use technology and creativity to turn your ideas into reality.

IT consulting and expertise

It is the product of an ambitious business vision that becomes real thanks to the pragmatic use of technology.

Design and creation of innovative applications

We are committed to enabling your ideas and needs into tangible products you can start benefitting in just a few weeks. You can trust us with the implementation of your software products from start to finish. We can also help you to design better applications.

New Usages

The internet's second wave is here! Tomorrow everyone will have a connected terminal permanently within their reach. Motion sensors, GPS chips and digital cameras are now commonplace and are opening the doors to new uses which have yet to be invented.

New IS

Receiving, storing and processing this unprecedented flood of information requires a fresh approach, new technologies and new technical architecture.

With 24/7 availability, because the world never sleeps! Big Data technology provides the foundation. The cloud provides the necessary flexibility and the effective processing of the mass of data is dealt with by processing algorithms born of artificial intelligence.

New Methods

Companies need to find new ways of working to get the most from the current wave of major technological innovations. For a long time, IT professionals have concentrated on automating known processes, but since the middle of the last decade it has become essential to institute new practices, to support invention and discovery. Whether we're talking about Agile, Lean IT, Lean Startup or DevOps, the route to achievement relies on short cycles,...

Optimize performance

In addition to a full range of services, Helix offers a broad portfolio of exclusive solutions. These software applications, reusable management frameworks and service delivery methods are the culmination of many years of investment.

Our solutions

At Helix we have conceptualized key management solutions and frameworks across all business lines to support the multi-sectoral functions of our clients. These solutions have been designed to meet the needs of our customers in different markets. Our customers rely on Helix solutions to support their core functions


Helix brings together a team of award-winning professionals with complementary skills, dedicated to achieving the best results for the digital strategy of its clients.

Amadou Fall, MBA, CSM, CSSGB

Chief Executive Officer

Mansour Dieye, BS

Chief Operating Officer

Tahir Faye,

Chief Technology Officer

Ahmadou Jean SOUMARE


Fatou Diarra KANE

Office Manager


Scat Urbam Grand Yoff, VILLA N° 67 / H
Dakar, Sénégal

Plaintfield, New Jersey

C-25, Office No 12, Tower 1, Stllar IT
Park Sector 62, Noida (UP) India

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