HELIX TECHNOLOGY GROUP Group is an international firm specializing in management, strategy and information systems and IT infrastructure services, focused on the efficiency of users and their business. We advise organizations in their IT strategy, implement the most appropriate technology that will optimize its performance, and manage the infrastructure of our customers. By doing this, we optimize user productivity and IT value for large and very large businesses.


We have been helping clients to design information systems and applications to transform their businesses. We focus on three main areas:

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Our mission

IT consulting and expertise

Design and creation of innovative applications

New Usages

New IS

New Methods

IT consulting and expertise

It is the product of an ambitious business vision that becomes real thanks to the pragmatic use of technology.
This belief runs through everything we do.

IT Program Management

Technology Definition & Strategy

Technology Architecture

360° audits of IS and applications

Software Testing & Quality

Agile. ITIL, Scrum, DevOps etc… methodology adoption advice

Technical expertise

Design and creation of innovative applications

We are committed to enabling your ideas and needs into tangible products you can start benefitting in just a few weeks. You can trust us with the implementation of your software products from start to finish.
We can also help you to design better applications:

Projet Definition

Technical Management


Deployment of agile methodology

Coaching in development and in testing practice

Software Conception Industrialization

Technology Transformation

Technology Training

New Usages

The internet's second wave is here! Tomorrow everyone will have a connected terminal permanently within their reach.
Motion sensors, GPS chips and digital cameras are now commonplace and are opening the doors to new uses which have yet to be invented.
The social embodies the potential of web 2.0 with the contributions of ordinary users.
This new wave has unleashed a tidal wave of information for our software and information systems.
We can help you to:

Innovate via Lean Startup

Measure uses to improve your products

Identify technological opportunities within your business

New IS

Receiving, storing and processing this unprecedented flood of information requires a fresh approach, new technologies and new technical architecture.
With 24/7 availability, because the world never sleeps! Big Data technology provides the foundation. The cloud provides the necessary flexibility and the effective processing of the mass of data is dealt with by processing algorithms born of artificial intelligence.
We can help you to:

Design high performance architecture.

Master the newest technology.

Innovate via an open-data approach.

New methods

Companies need to find new ways of working to get the most from the current wave of major technological innovations. For a long time, IT professionals have concentrated on automating known processes, but since the middle of the last decade it has become essential to institute new practices, to support invention and discovery.
Whether we're talking about Agile, Lean IT, Lean Startup or DevOps, the route to achievement relies on short cycles, the independence of teams and systematization of measurement.
We can help you to:

Diagnose the areas where these practices would be beneficial to you

Put these new approaches into practice within your company

Provide support during changes in methodology and culture


With HELIX TECHNOLOGY GROUP Group you get teams of people who are motivated and dedicated to the success of your projects. You have the power to bring your ideas to life. We would love to be this key for you and turn your ideas into a feast of success!

Amadou Fall, MBA, CSM, SSGBC

Chief Executive Officer

Mansour Dieye, BS

Chief Operating Officer

Tahir Faye,

Chief Technology Officer

Ahmadou Jean SOUMARE


Fatou Diarra KANE

Office Manager


Scat Urbam Grand Yoff, VILLA N° 67 / H
Dakar, Sénégal

Plaintfield, New Jersey

C-25, Office No 12, Tower 1, Stllar IT
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